HMI Repair Services

Radwell offers you the option to repair your Human Machine Interface (otherwise known as HMIs) and LCDs. All our repairs are done by highly skilled technicians and our work is backed by a 2 Year Warranty. When you choose Radwell for your HMI repair services you can save up to 60%.

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Do I need to include the Memory Card / Hard Drive when sending my repair?

You don’t need to send the memory card or hard drive; however, we strongly recommend that you include it with your repair as we will be able to do a full run test. When we have the memory card, we can check the software for defects that can render the unit inoperable, and the communications can be tested in your specific configuration. We can also create a backup for you as well as calibrate the screen, so you can easily plug and play your unit when it arrives back at your facility.

Should I upgrade my screen to a LCD?

We recommend upgrading to a LCD screen. These tend to be more reliable and convenient than CRTs. When CRTs fail, replacement parts may be hard to find or obsolete.

HMI Systems: An Operational Cornerstone

In this day and age, human machine interfaces are everywhere. Think about every point of contact a human has with technology and it becomes a reminder that as humans, we interact with machines in just about every aspect of our lives today. Self-service checkout at the grocery store, plugging an address into your car’s GPS or getting some cash at the ATM are all examples of instances when humans interact with an interface designed to help foster human/machine communication.

As it applies to automation equipment in a manufacturing facility, human machine interface products offer the necessary electronics to easily control automation equipment in an industrial environment. HMI products can range from a simple design with basic screen controls to a more complex touchscreen with numerous features and windows. In most environments, whether for service oriented tasks or in an industrial environment, HMI systems must be resistant to dust, water, moisture, high or low temperatures and even chemicals.

There are many benefits to using HMI systems in an industrial environment. For starters, these systems help warn operators of potential equipment issues before they become an emergency. If an alarm or alert shows, it can allow the operator to locate machine malfunctions early in the process or to track potential problems before they happen.

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