Industrial Automation Repair Services, MRO

Radwell International, Inc. is your one stop shop for industrial automation, MRO and service for organizations big and small. Radwell has vast repair services, ranging from HMI's, Gedevelop, PLC's, AC/DC Drives, field service, CNC, system integration, Servo Motors, training courses, panel building, programming, calibration, system integration and emergency repair service. *Free repair pick up, where available. Our goal to supply parts, products, and services to keep you up and running. And when a machine down situation happens, we are there with a multitude of services to help your plant floor get back on schedule.

Radwell International Repair Process

Radwell Industrial Electronic Repair

Radwell International has over 2,600 test fixtures covering the most popular brands; such as Allen Bradley and Siemens, plus thousands of other manufacturers. We also have over 100 technicians, a state of the art servo motor shop and a separate 70,000 sq ft CNC repair facility.

We provide the most extensive range of services and test capabilities for the automation industry. From single items to total repair management, Radwell can support and enhance your operations. We coordinate all your repairs, arrange for free weekly pick up*, all repairs come standard with a 2 Year Warranty. All repair services are completed within the one our Radwell locations.

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Radwell Emergency Services Repair

Radwell Field Services

If you need on-site support, Radwell's engineers can come to you. We do on-site PLC programming, machine repairs, equipment installations and more.

Call our Engineering Hotline at 800.884.5500 ext 8 to make an appointment

Call: 800.884.5500

Radwell Order Processing

Need your order right away? Radwell offers expedited order processing for all our surplus inventory. Order before 3:00pm et and select Rush during checkout and we'll ship your order out as soon as possible. Just look for the Rush Available logo to identity eligible items. Rush processing adds a charge of 20% of the cost of rush-eligible items ($1,000 minimum).

Radwell Panel Building

Radwell can construct any panel or system and complete the project with quality installation. If it's just a wire harness, small package, or large package, Radwell is ready and waiting. Price per job on time and material.

Radwell Systems Integration

Allow Radwell engineers to review and upgrade your system with today's more efficient and accurate equipment. We can fully design, build, and install smarter solutions. Engineers are available at $400 per hour with an 8 hour min plus travel expenses.

Call: 800.884.5500

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Radwell Remedies Episode 2: "Ask An Engineer"

Radwell Programming

Radwell is fully equipped to program any brand of PLC's. Have a back up or new program to install? Using instrumentation? We can do it. Software programmers are available at $500 per hour with an 8 hour min plus travel expense

Radwell Repair and Troubleshooting

We have the best technicians available to travel anywhere and solve your problem. We can troubleshoot anything, anywhere. Field service engineers available at $500 per hour with an 8 hour min plus travel expense. For weekend or holidays, there is an additional one time fee of $500.

Radwell Training Courses, Customized
for your Organization

  • - PLC Basics
  • - PLC Programming Advanced
  • - System Design (Automation Control Scope and Use)
  • - AC/DC Drive Applications
  • - Servo Systems


Number of Attendees Cost Per Person Total Cost Per Day
8 $600 $4,800
12 $500 $6,000

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Radwell Servo Motor Repair Service

We have high sophisticated Motor Repair Shops at each our Radwell locations. We have the best technicians available to travel anywhere and solve your problem. We can troubleshoot anything, anywhere. Field service engineers available at $500 per hour with an 8 hour min plus travel expense. For weekend or holidays, there is an additional one time fee of $500.

Minor Repairs

  • - Bearing Replacement
  • - Winding Check and Brake Check
  • - Replace Gaskets and Seals
  • - Clean and Re-Paint to Original OEM Color
  • - 100% Functional Test

Major Repairs

  • - Bearing Replacement
  • - Winding check and brake
  • - Check replace gaskets and seals
  • - Feedback replacement as needed
  • - Rewind (as needed)
  • - Clean and re-paint to OEM color
  • - 100% functional test

Call: 800.884.5500

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Brushless Servo Motor and Spindle Motors Run Test System Includes

  • - Most motors using serial encoder feedback
  • - Motors with 3 pulse 60 degree or 120 degree commutation
  • - 5V to 30V levels
  • - Most motors that use resolver position / commutation feedback
  • - Most motors that use incremental encoder feedbacks

Radwell Power Station / Power Plant Repair Service

Repair your products and save up to 60%

Key Features of Radwell Repair Program

  • - Fast repair turnaround
  • - Over 4,000,000 repair items pre-priced online
  • - 2 Year Warranty on all repair and surplus items
  • - Over 2,600 automated testing fixtures
  • - FREE evaluations
  • - No work begins without customer approval
  • - Total repair management
  • - All makes and models are accommodated
  • - FREE detailed work reports included
  • - Established ESD procedures are strictly enforced
  • - Meet and exceed all manufacturers specifications
  • - 24 hour emergency service available
  • - Locations across the US, UK, Germany, and Canada

Call: 800.884.5500

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Our Industrial Electronic Capabilities Include:

Radwell Power Plant Repair Services

Radwell helps plant operators keep their facilities online. We offer multiple solutions to get your facility back in operation. Radwell multiple locations are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to repair industrial electronic equipment used in power generation facilities. Our expertise and experience in operations, maintenance, fabrication, engineering and technical support will help plants run safely, reliably and cost-effective.

  • - Infi 90
  • - Net 90
  • - Advant OCS and Emerson Delta V
  • - Over 4 million repair items pre-priced online
  • - Over 2,600 automated test fixtures
  • - ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • - 2 Year Warranty on all product and services

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Radwell HMI Repairs

Program Transfers

Including a Memory Card / Hard Drive

  • - Card containing the program / operating system
  • - Run tests on a machine the way it is intended to be used
  • - Touch screen can be calibrated so the customer can simply plug and play
  • - Software can be checked for defects that can render the unit inoperable
  • - Communications can be checked in customers configuration
  • - Able to clone hard drives and create duplicate backups

HMI Repair Services

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Radwell Remedies Episode 7: "HMI Repair"

LCD Upgrade Benefits

  • - Convenient and reliable way to keep older machinery running
  • - CRT or components have failed on the video board
  • - Replacements are not available
  • - Performed for most Allen Bradley and Eaton HMI’s

Radwell Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Repair And Exchange Solutions

Our dedicated engineering department supports all your CNC needs.

Did you know that Radwell’s quality offerings support NC and CNC Machinery? With easy installations and easy applications, we know that you’ll be more than satisfied with our products, and great customer service.

We Offer

  • - Thousands of motors, drives, boards, power supplies, and display instock
  • - 70,000 sq. ft. CNC repair and testing facility in Arlington, Texas
  • - 25 CNC machine tool fixtures with full testing capabilities
  • - Over 2,600 test fixtures
  • - We coordinate all your repairs and accommodate rush repairs
  • - All repairs and certified preowned parts include a 2 Year Warranty
  • - Optional 3 Year Warranty available
  • - Custom testing available for specific equipment
  • - FREE repair pickup (where available)
  • - Multiple Radwell repair facilities
  • - Ready around the clock to solve your machine down situation
  • - More than 20,000 manufacturers brand new and instock

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Radwell Does CNC Repair

Radwell Zebra Printer Repair Services

Our Engineers can now fix your printer from non-operational to fully functioning.

Known for reliable, fast and affordable repairs, Radwell International can now repair Zebra printers. We will fully inspect your machine, run diagnostics to identify the issue and perform testing to ensure the repair quality.

Our staff is available 24/7/365 to answer any questions you may have or if you need any assistance. Contact us for more information.

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Zebra 140 XiIII Plus Printer: "Troubleshooting & Calibration"

Radwell Gedevelop Repair Services

Gedevelop GFM System is very specialized and not easy to repair. Having advanced and specialized testing equipment is really the only way to insure that repairs are accurate. This is because simulating the actual workings of the machines is the only way to test the repairs altogether. Believe it or not, there are very few if any, companies qualified to fully repair this system. In speaking to Daniel Murphy, Branch Manager for Radwell International in St Charles, Missouri, his facility has a detailed testing system designed to assist with Gedevelop repairs and is qualified to repair every aspect of the system. Also, a two-year warranty is offered on all Gedevelop repairs. Radwell’s Missouri location services Gedevelop repairs worldwide.

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Gedevelop Repair

Radwell Markem Hot Melt Printer Repair Service

Markem's hot melt printer is a great way to provide quality labels and codes on high speed packaging lines. It's been added to Radwell's headquarters to better handle requests from customers.The system will help simplify operations while increasing product coding efficiency, as it can print up to four lines of code. It's also a great alternative to continuous ink jet printers.

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Markem 9064 Hot Melt Printer