Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Did you know that Radwell’s offerings include quality supply chain solutions? We know that you’ll be more than satisfied with our VMI program because of the time and money saved. Plus we also have a great Customer Service Department to help when you have any questions.

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How Radwell Manages Inventory

Inside our Radwell Willingboro, New Jersey Headquarters we have installed Swisslog AutoStore. This high-tech system consists of 34 robots, approximately 50,000 bins, and 9 picking and putaway stations. Our AutoStore system is capable of picking over 500 bins an hour.

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KEY FEATURES of Radwell's VMI Program

  • Monthly cost savings Reports
  • Total supply chain management
  • We can support and enhance your supply chain operations
  • We have a dedicated inventory for our VMI customers
  • Complimentary data analysis of customer's inventory
  • Inventory needs are determined via data analysis results

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