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Robotics at Radwell


We are your number one source for automation and robotics parts and services. We understand that machine malfunctions and factory downtime can cost companies millions. With FSD Robotics, Radwell has built a company on a reputation of superior customer service, rapid response part sourcing and procurement, and technical support to get you back up and running.

Our team of engineering professionals are experts in our industry, with OEM experience extending to all areas of robotics and automation. Trust that our expertise always translates into intelligent sourcing, service, and support.

Empower Your Facility



  • Proactive Approach

    We take a forward-thinking approach, identifying and addressing potential robotics issues before they disrupt your plant floor operations.

  • Enhanced Productivity

    Say goodbye to costly downtime. Our expert management keeps your robotics running smoothly and consistently.

  • Optimize Costs

    Minimize maintenance expenses and maximize your ROI with streamlined robot repair and quality replacement parts.

  • Tested, Verified & Warrantied

    We rigorously test, verify performance, and back our services with a comprehensive warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Improves Efficiency

    Maintaining your facility's robotics ensures optimal performance and reduced energy consumption, leading to greater overall efficiency.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Stay ahead of industry standards and safety regulation with our up-to-date equipment solutions.

  • Reliable Supply Chain

    We maintain a robust inventory of replacement parts, ensuring a continuous supply and minimal lead times for repairs.

  • Services You Want

    We offer a wide variety of services, including full robot refurbishment, preventative maintenance, remote service & support, and repairs.

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Email: or Call: +1 609.288.9393

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