Brand Resources

A unified brand identity begins with consistent visual standards in line with Radwell core values. Detailed design guidelines dictate graphics and typographic specifications, which establish visual unity. Uniformity builds a connection between visual elements and Radwell products and services.

Willingboro building line drawing


We’ve provided vector and png versions of our logo for authorized use purposes only.


  • Use the logo to promote Radwell.
  • Use the logo when mentioning Radwell in any digital or printed collateral as part of our partnership.
  • only use the logo with high contrasting background, I.e. the blue logo must be used in a white background or light color background, the white logo must be used in dark color backgrounds.


  • Use the logo to brand your site, app, or any printed collateral.
  • Manipulate the logo, E.g. change the color, stretch, warp, or fade, etc.
  • Use the logo without explicit permission 
  • Use the logo to imply sponsorship, partnership without a previous agreement.

The Radwell Blue

We encourage you to use the Radwell blue as part of any digital or printed collateral created to promote our partnership. 

Pantone: 2935 CP
CMYK: 100, 51, 1, 0
RGB: 0, 111, 186

HEX: #006FBA


Contact the marketing team for help or if you need additional assets.