Asset Recovery Program

Our Asset Recovery program is an exceptional resource for your company. We offer cash for parts and products you don’t need. In many cases, selling your excess inventory to Radwell gives you the opportunity of adding dollars to your bottom line.

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How does selling industrial parts help?

  • - Lowering warehousing costs
  • - Aging inventory
  • - Slow moving inventory
  • - Increases warehouse space
  • - It is a better option that placing it in a dumpster
  • - Increases cash flow
  • - Eliminate used of overstock inventory
"on average, almost 20% of manufacturers’ total assets at any point in time are surplus to the needs of the organization."

Do you have questions about hiring a surplus equipment buyer?

Read our recent blog post It covers the basic questions you should ask yourself, Are you selling your surplus inventory to a real company? Will the service you hire recycle any items that are no longer usable? and much more.

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